Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome-One Year

Yesterday morning marked the first year of my nephew's life. Grayson is one. No longer a baby. He can fully walk, flip, kick, roll, etc. There couldn't be a better way to begin this blog-my creative journal, than to introduce the start of my "creative journey".  I wanted to give Grayson the perfect gift for his welcome into the world. While I knew the basics of crocheting, I wanted something more special than a straight stitch blanket, so I set forth to learn the art of crocheting. The product was a great wave stitch blanket. Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures. I'll get on that.

Fast forward a year.

I picked up my crochet needle and a random big skein of yarn last week in an attempt to relax between all the craziness of taking a 16 week course in one week. I rocked the socks off that class :) And the funny thing is I made a new blanket, exactly a year later, with the leftover yarn from Grayson's first blanket. Talk about full circle!

Happy Birthday Grayson- Grendard, my GOOMBA!